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LogiQuest® Lite 

A Commercial Alternative to WebFLIS

LogiQuest Lite provides instant access to information on millions of items in the Federal Supply Catalog.

Quick Start Guide for LogiQuest® Lite

LogiQuest Lite is a free commercial alternative for the discontinued DLA WebFLIS public access site. It currently allows FLIS searches based on the following keys: NSN, NIIN, Manufacturer’s Part Number, Keywords (Item Name), Federal Supply Class (FSC), Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code, and words in the Company Name.

Two Search Interfaces are provided

Basic: A single line web like interface which is designed to find answers quickly and easily by letting you enter values without worrying where the values occur in the data. We’ve indexed the most important data so that you can enter a “free-form” value in the Basic Search text box and find all the records where that value occurs.

Advanced: The advanced interface is form based. The search form allows greater precision, and in many cases faster searches, by confining search terms to specific indexes.

Features Common to both Interfaces

When searching NSNs or NIINs, you may include or omit dashes. Entering any of the following: 4010-00-001-5362, 4010000015362, 00-001-5362 or 000015362 will yield the same results. Additionally, leading zeros may be dropped when entering NIINs. Therefore typing 15632 would also find NSN 4010-00-001-5362. (We only recommend doing the latter when using the advanced interface, otherwise many false hits may also be returned. In this example, NSNs containing parts from the manufacturer with either CAGE Code 15632 or Part Numbers 15632 would also be returned.)

In both search interfaces spaces between search terms are treated as logical “AND”s while commas are treated as logical “OR”s. For example entering “Diesel Engine” (no quotes) would require that all matching NSNs contain both words (in any order). Conversely, entering “Diesel, Engine” would return NSNs containing either the word Diesel or the word Engine. Comma separated lists are most valuable when searching multiple NSNs or Parts.

Wildcard Searches

Both interfaces also support the use of “wildcard” characters. We only recommend their use with the advanced search interface because a large number of false hits may be generated when crossing many indexes. Two wildcard characters are provided. The % sign is used to match exactly one character. The * symbol matches any number of characters. Wildcard characters can be used in any combination.

Wildcard Examples: AD* would match additive, adapter and adjust but not lead or cable. AD% would match ada, adj, and add but not additive, adapter or adjust %AD% would match ladd, pads and rads but not any of the words above %A%D% would match candy, cards and hardy but not any of the words above %AD* would match radio, radome and pad but not additive, adapter or adjust

Historical Data

In addition to active NSNs, LogiQuest Lite provides information on millions of historical NSNs and parts records. Historical information is indicated by a combination of turning the text gray and an 'H' in "Status" column of the table. Hover your mouse over the 'H' to display the text "Historical Record".

Visual Indicators

In order to help convey important information about some of the records, visual indicators are used. Below are detailed descriptions of each indicator. Hovering the mouse over an indicator in the displays will show popup text explaining the indicator. An item no longer authorized for procurement either as the result of a formal item reduction study, or which has been replaced by an item contained in a new or revised superseding specification or standard. The primary number used to identify an item of production or a range of items of production, by the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity) which controls the design, characteristics, and production of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications and inspection requirements. A specification, standard, or other reference number which is superseded, cancelled, obsolete or discontinued.

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