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LogiQuest® Lite 

A Commercial Alternative to WebFLIS

LogiQuest Lite provides instant access to information on millions of items in the Federal Supply Catalog.

LogiQuest Lite is a product of Terabase Corporation and is not affiliated with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). It provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers including part numbers. The DLA moved WebFLIS to a secure site and requires user registration in the AMPS system, eliminating public web access to this important data. PUBLOG and FEDLOG are monthly downloadable DVD products produced by DLA Logistics Information Services (DLIS) available to the public and Department of Defense contractors respectively. LogiQuest Lite is a commercial product available via the internet using your favorite browser and does not require a subscription or installing any software on your computer, as other products do. LogiQuest Lite includes both a Basic and Advanced search interface to help meet the individual user's needs.

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The full LogiQuest product provides a more in-depth view by aggregating parts and logistics information from many disparate government, military and commercial sources into a powerful, easy to use logistics information search and retrieval tool. It provides you access to information on over 15 million active and historical National Item Identification Numbers (NIIN) and Navy Item Control Numbers (NICN) and more than 100 million parts in the Federal Supply Catalog. LogiQuest also includes powerful, time-saving tools such as: true background batch processing, downloading of data in the native formats of many popular programs like Excel and Access, and generating printed reports in PDF format. Customers can create custom download and report layouts tailored to meet their individual needs. LogiQuest is the premier parts and logistics product on the market today.

  • Time-Saving: Comprehensive search of multiple sources in seconds
  • Powerful: Upload and Batch process thousands of search terms at one time
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive tabular display of data linked and cross-referenced by NIINs and CAGE Codes
  • Flexible: Multiple user selectable search interfaces with fully customizable output formats
  • Accessible: Access LogiQuest from anywhere via an internet connection
  • Convenient: Technical drawings and documents stored as PDF for ease of printing and saving
Bridging the gap between commercial sources and military supply chains

LogiQuest Lite includes all of the following FLIS data segments:

  • Item Identification
  • Major Organizational Entity Rules
  • Reference / Part Numbers
  • Catalog Management & Phrase Data
  • Standardization Data
  • Freight & Packaging Data
  • Cancellation Information
  • NICN Information
  • Technical Characteristics
  • Environmental Information

Research may be conducted using any or all of the following search keys:

  • NSN - National Stock Number
  • NIIN - National Item Identification Number
  • Manufacturer's Part Number
  • Item Name Keywords
  • FSC - Federal Supply Class
  • CAGE Code or Company Name

FLIS data is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. For detailed information on recent government procurements and the vendors filling the orders, consider a subscription to the full version of LogiQuest.

You will have access to over 60 searchable databases comprised of more than 120 individual government and commercial data files. Search branch specific data such as the Navy Allowance Parts Lists (APL) or the Army Master Data File (AMDF). Many of the highly indexed databases are also cross-referenced by NIINs and CAGE codes simplifying cross database research. For example, FLIS has over 55 individual search keys versus the six available in LogiQuest Lite.

All of this has been integrated into a powerful, easy to use search and retrieval product.

Contact us to request your free trial of LogiQuest® today.   Click here to learn more about LogiQuest®.

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